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There isn’t a right way to write. I know especially beginners want to know the answers so we can all apply it and do it the right way and have success like everyone else, or what we see out there. But my process is really different from other people and that’s okay. Trying to force it so that I could have an answer when someone asked ‘What are you working on?’ just really didn’t work. But the experience wasn’t a failure. I don’t think any word written is wasted because you learn from it. Even the experience of putting it on the shelf and abandoning this project that I really did care about, but wasn’t able to make work at the time, that taught me a lot too. I feel like I have more self confidence as a writer having been through that process and saying, you know what? This doesn’t work for me.

- Heidi Schulz, author of MG fantasy HOOK’S REVENGE, on what she learned from shelving a project. Listen to the full interview here, or on iTunes or Stitcher!

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